Top tips for a Girls Weekend

Top tips for planning a Girls Weekend

There are many types of holidays you can take and we’ve come up with some top tips for planning a girls weekend.  These weekends are not only great to catch up with your besties – away from your partner, kids, pets etc, but a real chance to have some fun, spa-time pampering and laughs – recharging the batteries and remembering what life was like “pre-commitments”.  Coming away with a real sense of relaxation is a great way to have a holiday over a (long) weekend, with a chance to feel refreshed after this mini-break.

We’ve been inspired by a great article from Jan Ross, but we have changed it quite a bit and added in our own extras.

So, how do you plan/organise your girls’weekend?  Well, below are our tips.

1. Your guest list

Can be the make or break of any holiday/event and a girls weekend is no exception!  Choose wisely with friends who share your interests but are willing to have a bit of fun too.  New experiences can be fun, so this can be a safe way to try something new.

2. Talk about money

What is your budget?  Are you planning to eat in or dine out every night?  Be conscious that some besties may be on a budget or saving for something important so think about a range of activities to suit all…  Maybe one restaurant meal, but plenty of “at home” meals too.  What price per head is your accommodation?

3. Choosing your accommodation

Are you thinking 5-star Resort or Luxury Beachfront holiday home?  Are you thinking camping or glamping?  We’ve done some comparisons and you might be surprised at the result.  Are some girls willing to share rooms?  What are the bed configurations?  Have a group chat about expectations so everyone knows what is happening before you leave.

4. The fun bits!

Are you planning to lie on the beach but others are heading to the local nightlife?  Are you a mad shopaholic wanting to splurge at the Robina Town Centre or Harbourtown but your group keen on long lazy lunches overlooking the beach?  Want to visit Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Cabarita Beach or Pottsville?  Don’t be afraid to “split up” so that everyone has their own fun.

5. Book in advance

It is so hard coordinating everyone’s timetable to for the best chance of getting everyone in the same place is by thinking ahead – not only on your accommodation but your activities.  Some restaurants can be booked out for events (ie. Kingscliff’s Babalou Restaurant closes when they have a wedding on) so do some preliminary planning.

6. But don’t overbook yourselves…

It is supposed to be a girls weekend after all and that automatically includes some down time.  For frenetic travelers in your group, feel free to encourage their every-minute-booked lifestyle but remember some of your group may prefer to just chill…  We can recommend a local day spa for pampering too – The Workshop at Cabarita Beach.

7. Plan for emergencies

Or as I often say to my teenagers – an “exit plan”…  Things not turning out as expected?  Have a plan available for a quick exit.  Sudden emergency at home?  How do I get there asap? Doesn’t have to be set in stone, but at least think about your contingencies.

8. The usual travel precautions

A girls weekend is not that different to a family holiday in the need to take the travel precautions that you would do for a normal holiday.

9. Chill babe

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Talk out any “hassles”.  You are all there to have a good time after all and you are so not the “Housewives of New York”!  This is supposed to be a fun, reconnect time with your besties so don’t let little annoyances ruin it.  If conflict arises, tread carefully.  Sure, get your point across, but don’t let it ruin the whole trip – and move on so you can!

10.  Before you go – including book Online

Be it your accommodation, groceries, outings or spa treatments.  Once you have done your plan up think about how much you can book in advance.  At La Maison Pacifique we have a great grocery service where you can order through or and they can deliver direct to our beautiful beachfront property.  For $40 an hour (generally not more than one hour) we can meet the delivery, unpack the groceries, chill/freeze the cold items and have it all ready for your arrival – not bad, eh!

11.  Theme it up!

Like any great event, there can be fun had by theme-ing your weekend.  Not only does it set the scene (ie. Girls Spa Weekend or Gold Coast Nightlife weekend), you can have some good fun with some other options too – how about a “Singstar” challenge or a “Movie Night”?  (We have Aus-star,  wii’s, playstations and X-Boxes at La Maison Pacifique) Need to keep fit?  Can always do a Watersports weekend.  Dress ups can be fun too.

12. Just have some fun!

Who knows when you will get your next chance? We at La Maison Pacifique have hosted one girls group who have returned twice so far!  We love hosting these girls weekends as we know how important they are.  Being local experts, we also have a list of local activities and attractions – and don’t forget the events and markets.  We’re here to help.

…Have we inspired you to book your girls weekend by the beach?  Northern Rivers area NSW (including Kingscliff, Casuarina, Pottsville and Cabarita Beach) is the perfect spot – and its location is ideal – 1/2 way between the Gold Coast and Byron BayPatrolled beaches line the coast.  We even have Lisa and Pete’s top tips on things to do in Kingscliff!  Check out our blog and news, location and attractions and what’s on and markets for more great tips and things to do on your Northern Rivers summer holidays!

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next!  It is your turn!

…and… if you are looking for a resort-style luxury beachfront holiday home for your family holiday, romantic break  wedding accommodation, (watch our video here), or a girls getaway  contact us at La Maison Pacifique for availability and a quote….  Remember, our rates compare really well with local 5-star resorts – and La Maison Pacifique is private – on the beach – walking distance to cafes at Cabarita Beach – perfect spot for whale watching (June to November each year) – children optional!

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