Top Tips for Travelling with Teenagers

Top Tips for Travelling with Teenagers

The kids are growing up and are no longer all that interested in following Mum and Dad around for the next holiday!  They would prefer to be hanging out with their mates (although we have found that many of the mates are generally away on holidays too)…  But, you are determined to eek out those last family holidays – until of course they get to the stage where they will readily accept joining you – if you pay!

We reckon that teenage holidayers generally fall into a few categories:

  • The Techno-wizz/gamer teen who wants to spend their whole holiday cocooned and attached to their computer/laptop/game console
  • The Active teen – keen to get out and explore and try new adventures wherever they go
  • The Sulky teen who is keen on ensuring everyone knows they don’t want to be there and are here under sufference
  • The Quiet teen – happy to read a book, potter around, walk along the beach and amuse themselves – as long as they don’t have to engage with anyone else in the family
  • The “I’ll come as long as we can shop” teen (for them of course!).  Mmmm.  this will take a bit of negotiating
  • The Party teen – no explanation required!
  • The All-conquering fantastic company, ideal teenager

and of course, any teen can be a mix of all of the above – often in one day (multiplied – of course – by the numbers of teens in your holiday group)!

So, we’ve some up with some light-hearted, fresh ideas on how to cater for your teen, whatever mood they may be in.

All teenagers are well versed in negotiation – we parents just need to catch on!

Techno Teen

Would it be the worst thing in the world for the techno teen to spend time with their favourite pastime?  Probably not.  So, when choosing accommodation, think about whether you do (or do not!) want to allow wifi/internet/game console access.  Many holiday homes (as opposed to hotels) include these in their offering (at no extra cost), so that may be the best option for you.

Negotiation point:  Access allowed during the hours of xx and xx, but the rest of the time you are ours!  Or maybe determine which games will be bought along?

Active Teen

We are exhausted and just want to relax on this holiday, but the active teen has other ideas!  Think about the location of your holiday and what activities are available.  Can you access surf lessons?  How about some diving, canoeing or paddleboarding?  Is hot air ballooning your teen’s thing or would they just LOVE to be dropped off at one of the local “worlds” for a full day of active fun?  Not keen on going by themselves?  Consider adding a buddy/friend to your holiday world – two’s company and it will enable a well earned break for you!

Negotiation point:  How about I arrange for XX activity today?  You can go by yourself (or even better with a friend).

Sulky Teen

Now this does get a bit difficult.  Chat to your teen (hard I know) and find out what they would really like to do before you embark on your holiday.  Make sure that there are some activities that they would enjoy – is it seeing a particular movie/show?  Is it visiting a theme park?  Is it coming back early to stay with a friend, or if they are older, booking a 18-35’s tour for them for part of the holiday?

Negotiation point:  If you are reasonable, we can include some extra activities just for you, but there are also things we want to do as a family…

Quiet Teen

These ones are hard to work out.  If you want an action packed holiday, and have a quiet teen, this could be a challenge.  However, if you have a relaxing break planned this could be perfect!  Don’t be afraid to give this teen their space and the choice whether or not to be involved in any family activity.  It is hard leaving them behind, but for family peace and unity, it could be really rewarding (and may allow Mum/Dad/siblings to have a few quiet times to themselves!).

Oh – and one more thing.  Think about your accommodation.  Does it have quiet areas or a number of options for people to relax?  How about a garden?  Could they enjoy peacefully watching native stingless bees gently go about their business?  These could be vital in maintaining the calm.

Negotiation point: Know what you want out of your holiday and if you are planning some quiet days spend time in the same space as your Quiet Teen.  If not, don’t be afraid to leave them behind – they will thank you for it!

I’ll come along as long as we can shop! Teen

Its all about the budget, about the budget, about the budget!  Sure, we would love unlimited credit too, but it is just not feasible.  Either make it into a joint adventure (and don’t discount places like Harbourtown for outlet shopping!), or let them loose in an appropriate shopping district with a limited amount of cash.  Will keep them amused for hours and you can pop off and do something more to your taste.

Negotiation point:  Nothing wrong with a little parental bribery ie “you can earn extra cash for your shopping day if you…”.  If an appropriate age, risk manage their adventure and determine whether you would feel safe dropping them off for a few hours by themselves/with their friend.

Party Teen

So, they have just turned 18 and are ready to PARTY! Check out the local venues (ie Marty’s at Caba have some great live music nights and the Miami Marketta on Friday nights is THE place to be) and consider letting them visit the local nightlife.  Have an exit plan in place (in case of emergency) and to/from arrangements made.  Could be a chance to kick up your own heels!  Oh – and the friend idea here is a good one…  Nice to have a wingman.

Negotiation point:  It is a bit harder to negotiate when they are adults, but if a friend is able to join in, could make for a fun night and encouragement to continue to travel with Mum and Dad.

The All-conquering fantastic company, ideal teenager

Soak it up and enjoy!  These are the times it is great to be a parent, where our ideas and those of our teenagers converge and the celebratory fireworks are lighting up the sky!

Negotiation point:  Not required.  The planets are aligned and all is good in the world.

Travelling with teens really is all about negotiation.  Temper your own expectations, particularly as they reach 16+.  I mean, most of us remember thinking the worst thing in the world was to have another family holiday where we may not feel our needs were being catered for!  In the same way that parents adjust their holiday expectations for young children and toddlers, we parents can all lighten up and let the kids help decide on the next trip!

However, we are not the experts (usual disclaimers apply…) and we just want all teenagers to enjoy continuing to travel with their family.  These are just some ideas from our own experiences and hope that you enjoy them (or at least get a giggle as you match your teenager with our descriptions)!

and don’t forget – we all love our teenagers to bits, and whilst this is a tongue-in-cheek expose, we all know that our own teenagers are the BEST teenagers and life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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