Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding Ideas

I have been searching high and low looking for some fun wedding ideas which will enable our brides and grooms to personalise their wedding day.  Weddings today have less of a traditional focus, and this is a great opportunity to make your day your own. It is all about ensuring that you, your family and your guests celebrate this special time – and have fun doing it!

So here are 12 fun, personal touches and ideas which you could add to your wedding day to make it extra special for you, your family and your guests….

Let’s get together

How fun would it be to have the whole bridal party getting ready together in a special location?  It doesn’t have to be expensive either as many luxury holiday homes not only offer a private resort experience, but can accommodate groups – often at a much reduced rate to staying at a 5-star resort.

Fun Photos

Take advantage of your local surrounds and match your photo location with your wedding theme.  Planning a beach wedding?  Choose a wedding venue (or wedding accommodation) which offers a range of choice in relation to your photos and really think about the setting.  Again, a holiday home could be the perfect choice not only for your accommodation but for some great fun and/or designer photos.

Incorporate the old and the new

Saw this idea and loved it – how about putting old photos of the bride and groom at the entrance to the bathrooms.  People will smile!

I spy

Looking to really get your guests involved in a fun activity?  Send them an “I spy” list for photos ie. Photo of Mother of the Bride with tears in her eyes; a bridesmaid dancing the macarena; or maybe a group photo of all your table.  Give everyone a dropbox link to put all their photos and you will find some great memories of your day.

Game plan for kids

There are still some great family weddings where children are invited, so make it fun by thinking up some great activities for them to do.  Think about whether you hire a “nanny” for the littlies to keep them amused and add in some fun games and activities which they can all enjoy.  If the kids are having fun, the parents will relax and have fun too!

Create rooms

Linking in with the game plan above, think about having “rooms” or other areas for guests to congregate.  You could have a kids corner, a lounge area (rather than sitting all night on the dining chairs) or even a fun photos area with props (feather boas, empty picture frames, fun hats and glasses).  Everyone has camera phones these days so you may not even need a booth.  A backdrop could be fun though.  Not everyone may want to dance so to have a chill-out zone could be the perfect answer for people to catch up.

Fun Bridal Dance

I love these!  Will it be the bride and groom?  What about the bride and her father or the groom and his men?  It doesn’t have to be all serious and this could be a great way to ignite the dance floor at the start of the night.

Memory Lane Walk

Is there a hallway at your venue?  Maybe at the entrance?  Create a memory lane walk of the bridal couple which can be viewed by guests at any time of the night.  It will be a great conversation starter and a great way to make your guests feel special (particularly if you include some fun photos with the bride/groom and their families/guests).

Short Courses

This may need some budget consideration but think of say 5 small courses rather than three larger ones?  This could provide more choice for you and your guests.

Late night snack

OK, so the venue has cleared away all the dinner, the dancing is on, but you had been distracted and are feeling a little peckish…  Think about a “take away” pack…  I even saw the idea where a wedding had ordered a take-away van (or maybe ice-cream van).  Or it could be as simple as a little hamper with some late night goodies.  Great for that trip home (or if you are staying in accommodation for a snack before bed).

How do you take your coffee?

Sadly, the coffee at wedding receptions can be well, sad….  Think about whether you organise with your venue for a coffee bar where guests can order their coffee to their liking.  Goes for tea too – and for the littlies think about hot chocolates…  Great way to finish the night.  Maybe use a voucher if you have to go outside the actual venue – or to another restaurant/bar within the venue?

Thankyou to guests

I am a great fan of something for guests as a thank you.  We love the idea of a personalised candle and we can recommend Jaabay Candles to you.  Choose the scent which best evokes your wedding atmosphere and provide all your guests with a little momento of the day.  Every time they light it they will think of the fun they had at your wedding.

There are so many other great and fun ideas that you can do, but I will keep it to an even dozen this time.  We do hope you like these ideas and that you have a great fun time organising the most special day of your life.

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your annual leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next!  It is your turn!

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