Ordering Groceries online for your holiday

Ordering Groceries Online for your Holiday

As a family who loves to spend time in holiday apartments and homes, a great Holiday tip from us is all about ordering groceries online for your holiday home.

I know this sounds simple, but is it?  Does your holiday rental property manager offer this as an extra service?  Is there a local concierge service you can tap into?  Why would you do this anyway?  What are the costs?  Is it really that convenient?

Is ordering groceries online available in my holiday location?

Firstly, access the standard Coles online and Woolworths online website.  All you do is put in the postcode of your holiday location and voila!  You find out whether you can even organise this before you go.

If they don’t have the service available, google your location (ie. Casuarina) and “order groceries online”.  This should give you the list of websites who offer online grocery ordering in your area.

Does my holiday rental offer a grocery service?

Next, chat to your friendly holiday rental property manager.  Do they offer a grocery service?  By this I mean will they meet the delivery truck when it arrives and then unpack all your groceries into the pantry/fridge/freezer?  Expect an hourly rate charge, but for the convenience of having it all done for your arrival, that sounds just fantastic to me!

At La Maison Pacifique, we have just started a new grocery service for $40-/hour.  Our fabulous property assistant Lisa will meet the truck and as promised sort all your groceries into the home.  This reduces the risk of any spoilage.

Is there a concierge service available?

At La Maison Pacifique, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible services to our discerning guests.  As property manager, it is my job to ensure that you have a great time on your holiday (as much as is possible at least!) by offering extra services at competitive rates.  Need some flowers delivered?  Done.  Would you like champagne and chocolates for your arrival?  Not a problem.  Need some information on booking tours and attractions? Happy to help.  Need an extra clean of the home during your stay?  Can all be arranged.  Just ask me and I will send you a quote.

Why would you be ordering groceries online for your holiday?

OK, so your flight gets in late and you are traveling with kids.  Mmmm..  First stop grocery store? Probably – but what a hassle. Will it be open?  Maybe, maybe not.  This is especially pertinent in holiday locations – and sometimes can be affected by daylight savings times (note: nearby QLD does not go to daylight savings time, so we operate by two times on the border -“NSW time” or “QLD time” when daylight savings is on.  Make sure you clarify this when making any bookings, going shopping or making appointments.

By ordering groceries online and utilising a holiday home’s grocery service, this takes all the stress out of your holiday arrival and means that you can relax from the moment you arrive (and open that cool drink you have been longing for….).  You can also focus on all the activities or events you want to go to!

What are the costs?

Despite what they say, I reckon the grocery prices online can be slightly more expensive that an in-person shop.  Having said that, specials are offered and with just a small delivery fee from the supermarket/grocer, it is certainly worth considering.  There is also a “click & collect” option allowing you to have a parcel pick up from a local store.  Be mindful though – from what I can tell our Click and Collect store for Woolworths is at Tweed Heads (and not the newly opened Woolworths at Cabarita Beach nor nearby Kingscliff).

There will also be a charge from the property manager/concierge service.  At La Maison Pacifique, we have kept this at a reasonable $40/hour.  We can ask that the delivery driver notify us 10 minutes before their arrival (noting that you will have indicated a time slot on check out which you will have advised us previously), meaning that we expect that most services would not exceed the hour.  This may change if you have more than one delivery arriving (ie. from the bottleshop or a separate green grocer), but this will all be explained when you book.

If you have any questions before or during the process, feel free to ask.

Is it really that convenient?

In a word – YES!!!  I have done this many times both personally and for clients and the relief of having everything there on your arrival is priceless.  Your holiday can then start from the moment you arrive and this service provides a real opportunity of peace (and capacity to feed the hungry hordes) no matter how far you have traveled.

So, do we recommend ordering groceries online for your holiday?  Yes.  Do we think it is affordable?  Of course.  Just think of that cool drink waiting for your arrival and some nibblies just waiting to be served.  The beach is beckoning and I am on my way!

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your annual leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next!  It is your turn!

…and… if you are looking for a resort-style luxury beachfront holiday home for your family holiday, romantic break  wedding accommodation, (watch our video here), or a girls getaway  contact us at La Maison Pacifique for availability and a quote….  Remember, our rates compare really well with local 5-star resorts – and La Maison Pacifique is private – on the beach – walking distance to cafes at Cabarita Beach – perfect spot for whale watching (June to November each year) – children optional!

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