Native Stingless Bees at La Maison Pacifique

At La Maison Pacifique, we are committed to preserving and supporting the local flora and fauna in our beautiful region. Inspired by Jo at Mockingbird Cafe in Kingscliff, (who has her own native stingless bee hive on site) we have recently welcomed Native Stingless Bees at La Maison Pacifique.  They are ideally located in a protected part of our garden, under a palm at the front gate.  Over coming years, and as our bush tucker garden grows, we will introduce (as appropriate) more native bee hives in an effort to support the pollination of local plants and fruits.

For all those who are allergic to bee stings, please do not be alarmed!  Our bee hive is full of native stingless bees who pose no harm to any humans.  At only about 4mm long they are significantly smaller than commercial bees. You are welcome to allow them to land on on you and all you will feel is a light flutter as they touch down on your skin. They are quite fragile, so please don’t swat them away..

Some interesting Stingless Bee Facts:

  • Native stingless bees are tropical. So they only thrive in warm areas of Australia such as Queensland, northern areas of WA and NT, and north-eastern areas of NSW
  • Native stingless bees can be kept in a natural log or in a hive box in suitable parts of Australia. These bees are easy and safe to keep in your backyard
  • Stingless bees only produce small amounts of honey – less than one litre per year. However, this honey (known as Sugarbag) is delicious and tangy!
  • Stingless bees can be excellent pollinators of certain crops in Australia. They are particularly useful for macadamias, mangoes and watermelons, and for crops grown inside greenhouses.
  • Our stingless bees at La Maison Pacifique have been harvested from a split hive.  Splitting hives is a more sustainable method of propagation in the long term.
  • A 2010 survey by Aussie Bees online 57% of the 637 beekeepers had just one hive, whilst 35 had more than 20.

So, take a load off on one of the benches on the front deck and spend some time watching the movements of our Native Stingless Bees at La Maison Pacifique.  It is really quite peaceful watching them go about their business and is just another thing to do at our beautiful beachfront holiday home.

…and… if you are looking for a resort-style luxury beachfront holiday home for your family holiday, romantic break  wedding accommodation, (watch our video here), or a girls getaway  contact us at La Maison Pacifique for availability and a quote….  Remember, our rates compare really well with local 5-star resorts – and La Maison Pacifique is private – on the beach – walking distance to cafes at Cabarita Beach – perfect spot for whale watching (June to November each year) – children optional!

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