Top Tips for your Groom

Top 10 tips for Grooms

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Throughout our blog posts, we have tended to concentrate on the many things that the beautiful brides are interested in during the lead up to their special day.  Well, now we think it is time to focus on the groom – it is his day as well after all!

We’ve undertaken our usual web research and have come up with our Top 10 tips for Grooms – we hope you find them useful – or at the very least a starting point.

…and don’t forget, many brides do love the involvement of their man, so chat to your bride and find your own happy medium.  It will be the first range of many decisions that you will take in life together.

1. Enjoy the planning

What are the parts of the wedding that interest you most?  The music?  The guest list?  The cars? Or maybe it is the full organisation of a sweet surprise for the honeymoon for your bride?  We encourage all grooms to get involved in the planning and find some things to do that will interest them and enable your bride to concentrate on the things she would like to.  It is always a great idea to share the load.

2. A gift registry is for both of you

wedding giftMany men dislike shopping.  However, shopping “in bulk” can be daunting for even the most seasoned shopper, particularly when you are trying to find gifts that are in a range of prices, styles and choices.  However, don’t forget to add in things that may be considered more “groom-focussed”.  Is there a particular BBQ utensil or camping equipment piece you have had your eye on? What about a power tool which is a must need?  Think of adding these things in to your gift registry (even if it is a list kept by one of the Mum’s) and you wont be overloaded with toasters and coasters!

3. Designer Boys

Your bride has chosen her favourite pink colour for all your bedding and the thought of it all just gives you a hot rash.  Your nautical stripes choice is just way to twee for her, so there is need for compromise somewhere!  Think white linen and accessorise with cushions, throws etc in a mixture of florals and geometric designs and that could be your answer!  Remember, you have to be able to sleep in it too.

4. Plan some down time

Wedding planning can be exhausting whether it is a small gathering or an extravaganza for hundreds of guests.  This is a special time of your lives together and a chance to enjoy “the process” so don’t forget to down tools for a while, chat about things other than the wedding and just generally have some time out from your wedding preparations to chill out and relax.  Spoil her with a special dinner or home-cooked meal and just be.  You won’t regret it!

5. Crowd control

Families and friends are the most wonderful sources of tips and advice for your wedding day and of course everyone knows that theirs was the best day because they did something particularly special! You will receive some wonderful ideas but also be mindful that this can be tiring, particularly if some family members or friends are over-zealous in their advice and just won’t take no for an answer.  Be prepared to be kind but firm if this happens and support your bride when the going gets tough.

6. A wedding planner can ease the load

Casuarina Weddings

Casuarina Weddings

Wedding planners have seen it all before and have the most creative solutions for the trickiest of problems.  If you see your bride struggling, see whether she would like to hire a wedding planner to take some of the load off and help with the finer details (particularly if detail is not your strong suit)…

7. Smile and empathise

At the times when the stress gets to your bride as that one family member has tested their patience or a supplier has changed the details at the last minute, smile and empathise.  It will be your natural inclination to come in on your white charger and save the situation, but often things will sort themselves out.

8. Getting fitted

It is best when the groom and his groomsmen/women can get together and try on the suits/dress as a group.  However this is not always possible.  So, be open to having more than one fitting session with your men/women and make sure all the arrangements are in place to make this an easy process.  Talk with your bride about your own special touches that you would like to add (or ones that may be a little surprise but fun) to personalise your look.

9. Team management

Grooms have their own team as much as the brides.  Let your groomsmen/women know what you expect of them and divvy up any tasks so they all feel involved.  Your best man/woman will enjoy the support and it will ensure things are running smoothly on your day (and of course the lead-up events).

10. Spoil her

Spoil your bride

Spoil your bride

On the day, it is the little things that will count.  Flowers or a gift as she is getting ready.  A video montage of your special moments during the reception.  A special treat box with her favourite treats in the honeymoon suite.  All of these ideas will make your bride smile and remind her that you are the one for her and it is both your special day.

We do hope you like these tips for grooms.  Remember, this is the day for you both to celebrate your love and a bright future.  Don’t forget to relax and enjoy – and my tip number 11 – take a moment on the day to take it all in – just the two of you.  It can be overwhelming but also fun, exciting and a great celebration.

…and if you need tips on local wedding planners or ideas in our beautiful region of Northern NSW/Tweed Coast, feel free to get in touch with our friends James and Kristy at Casuarina Weddings.  They are experts in our area and have all the local contacts that you will need from flowers to venue to stationery to celebrant, cars, suits and dresses.

…. and remember, your Casuarina NSW holiday could be your best ever at any time of the year.  All you have to do now is book!  Northern Rivers area NSW (including Kingscliff, Casuarina, Pottsville and Cabarita Beach) is the perfect spot – and its location is ideal – 1/2 way between the Gold Coast and Byron BayPatrolled beaches line the coast.  We even have CarlaLisa, Pete and Spida’s top tips on things to do in Kingscliff. You can even book a picnic or high tea with Teaspoon High Tea Events.  Check out our blog and news, location and attractions and what’s on and markets for more great tips and things to do on your Northern Rivers holidays.

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next.  It is your turn!

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