Beauty tips for a long haul flight

8 Steps for Great Skin Post a Long Haul Flight

Sourced direct from the Lifestyle website, here is some great tips on how to fill in your time on a long haul flight.  People may look at you sideways as you are doing it, but the pay-off will be great looking (and well moisturised) skin at your destination.  As usual, we have added our own tips and ideas (in italics) – with links to products we like (these are personal recommendations and it is up to you as to whether you try them and/or they work for you.  We are not paid for any endorsement of the following products and this information is provided in good faith.  We accept no responsibility if the products suggested do not work for you).

So, read on for the article:

When travelling to, from, or even just across Australia – every flight is a long haul flight.

Most people just take the time to watch some movies or TV, nap, or catch up on some reading. But why not use time for a little beauty treatment?

Cathay Pacific flight manager Margaret Lai has some tips for turning your flight into a mini spa:

Step One:

Get changed into something comfortable. (If you have a suit or an outfit that gets crushed easily, ask your flight attendant to hang it up for you in the closet.)
Our tip:  Tacky as they may seem, a velour tracksuit is both practical and comfortable and a perfect choice for ladies.  For the men, a similar tracksuit combo would work well (probably not velour though!).  Either that or recycle those business class pyjamas (or ask traveller friends for a set of theirs)

Step Two:

Clean your hands by washing them or using disinfecting hand wipes. Always touch your skin with clean hands!
Our tip: We like the Nivea Pure and Natural Refreshing Face Cleansing wipes – they can double up for cleansing you face too!

Step Three:

Clean your face with cotton pads and a gentle cleanser or facial wipes.
Our tip: Per step 2 above, we like the Nivea Pure and Natural Refreshing Face Cleansing wipes.

Step Four:

Apply your toner, serum and eye cream (in that order). Margaret carries a little compact mirror to help check she has applied her products evenly.
Our tip: Don’t forget individual items must be less than 100ml otherwise they will be taken away at security.

Step Five:

Follow up with a hydration mask. Margaret suggesting using an overnight mask.

“Choose something that looks clear/invisible even when a thick layer is applied,” she says. “I would massage on the first layer, then when it absorbs (usually in about five minutes) I would then massage on second, third and fourth layer until it forms a film-like layer on my skin. Your face may look shiny but the layer will hold the moisture in and protect your skin.”
Our tip: Check out this article from Beauty Heaven – Six of the Best – Face Masks

Step Six:

Sleep! Sleep is essential to looking your best.
Our tip: Buy a meditation cd.  I wasnt really convinced about whether I could meditate until I played the “A Taste of Meditation” from the Melbourne Meditation Centre through my ipod.  It had me relaxing and snoozing in no time (no mean feat as I struggle to sleep on planes).

Step Seven:

When it is a really long flight, wipe off the products with a gentle cleanser and repeat the steps.
Our tip: We agree.  However, do make sure you test all your products before you fly as for those with sensitive skin, you don’t want to have an allergic reaction mid flight.

Step Eight:

An hour before the flight lands, wipe off the products with the cleanser, and prep your skin with toner, serum, moisturizer.  Apply basic make up, if you wish, and get changed. Margaret says: “A tip I’ve learned from years of flying: don’t wait until too late as the lavatory is always be busy 30-40 mins before landing.”
Our tip: We agree with this one!  You don’t want to be left with the face mask on as you leave the plane.

Our last word:

Our tip for ensuring a good flight also ensures a smooth arrival at your destination.  We at La Maison Pacifique totally recommend airport transfers and/or ensuring that your arrival arrangements are made in advance so that you can get to your final holiday destination ready to relax and unwind!

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Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next.  It is your turn!

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